Beate Hunting Crocs

Posted on 21 May 2014. Filed in Northern Territory

Adelaide River is a river in the Northern Territory of Australia. It starts in Litchfield National Park and flows generally northwards to Clarence Strait, being crossed by both the Stuart Highway (at the township of Adelaide River) and the Arnhem Highway (near Humpty Doo). The Adelaide River is well known for its high concentration of saltwater crocodiles, along with other wildlife including white-bellied sea eagles, whistling kites, freshwater crocodiles, bull sharks and Black Flying-fox. Its lower reaches form part of the Adelaide and Mary River Floodplains Important Bird Area.

Beate Croc Cruise

After having lunch at the Fogg Dam Conservation Area we were discussing back and forward how we could spot some crocodiles. The Top End NT is one of the areas inhabited by freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. First we said: We are definately NOT going on a touristy boat cruise, because that was against our principles, we want to see them in the wild, but after having met a guy that was on a cruise and really found it great, we considered back and forward....but just the title of the publicity signs "Jumping Crocs...", but anyway driving away from the place, we quickly changed our minds and joined the last cruise for the day. And actually it was really good and not very touristy...


A spotted crocodile...swimming towards us.



One of the Jumping Crocs after a piece of meat....