Horizontal Falls

Posted on 14 June 2014. Filed in Australia, Travelling, Western Australia

Arriving at Derby our first real stop around civilization we went on a flight/boat tours to the Horizontal Falls.

Michael asking kindly the pilot if he could sit in front of the little 8 seater seaplane we had to fly with in order to get to the place.

Mb Pilot

Michael very happy !

Hori Falls

The Horizontal Waterfalls

The Horizontal Falls or Horizontal Waterfalls (nicknamed the "Horries") is the name given to a natural phenomenon on the coast of the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

Despite their name, the Horizontal Falls are a fast-moving tidal flow through two narrow, closely aligned gorges of the McLarty Range, located in Talbot Bay. The direction of the flow reverses with each change of tide. As tides in the Kimberley can reach 10 metres, a peak tide gives rise to a significant difference in the sea level on either side of each gorge.

The northern, most seaward gorge is 20 metres wide and the southern, more inland gorge is 12 metres. Above each of the gorges are natural reservoirs between six and eight kilometres long which fill and empty with seawater through the gorge openings. The inner gorge is also partly fed by fresh water from Poulton Creek.


The Seaplane we flew with - a lot of fun :)

Beate Skipper

Beate - the "skipper" on the boat